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Figure Whitening

30 Dec

Figure whitening is the most basic part of the image processing, if the operation appropriate could save a lot of tedious operation. Here will be very detailed introduce various methods of whitening, one may be we are rarely seen. Very practical.





A, add layer mode to color.
1, open the original material, the background layer copy layer.
2. Press Ctrl + Shift + U to color.
3, set the blend mode to “color”, complete.


Second, the channel whitening method.
1, open the original material.
2, press Ctrl + Alt + ~ v highlights district, create a new layer and fill the white, complete.


Third, the mask whitening.
1, open the original material, double-click the unlock.
2, create a new layer fill white, pull the white layer to layer at the bottom.
3, choose picture layer, the execution: layer > add layer mask > reveal all.
4, hold down the Alt key to add layer mask, and press Ctrl + V to paste.
5, execution: image > adjust > inverse, click on the mask of the eyes, and complete.


Fourth, the Lab color method.
1, open the material pictures, press Ctrl + A curve, press Ctrl + C to copy.
2, create a new document, press Ctrl + V to paste.
3, select menu: image > pattern > Lab color.
4, switch to the channel panel, delete a channel.
5, back to the layers panel. Select menu: image > pattern > gray.
6, pull the grayscale images to the most began to open the picture file, set the blend mode to “color”, was completed.


Five, the diffusion of light method.
1, open the material pictures, the background color to white.
2. Press Ctrl + Alt + ~ v highlights districts.
3, perform: filter > distort > diffusion light, numerical: particles: 0, luminous: customised, eliminate quantity: 0, complete.


Six, lighting effects.
1, open the original and duplicate the layer.
2, execution: filter > render > lighting effects, lighting type: QuanGuangYuan, color to white, for the following figure.
3, change the layer mode of the light layer to “soft light”, is complete.


Seven, named whitening image adjustment.
1, open the original material.
2, respectively, to create curves, hue/saturation, color and color balance adjustment layer, parameter Settings, as shown after completion.