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Toy Packaging Design

21 Nov

Packaging categories and characteristics
1. The food packaging
To mark the production date and the period of validity, often use the window structure to let the customer directly see the food inside the packaging, or use realistic pictures, or use the technique of expression such as cartoon image.

Toy packaging design1
2. Electronic products packaging
This kind of package with particular emphasis on protection and transportation, always used with combination packaging form to reflect the characteristics of the unit value of the products. Packaging container for hard material, the packing picture often in picture form.

Toy packaging design2
3. The cosmetic packaging
Cosmetic packaging in material selection, modeling and decoration such design aspects, generally pursuit of noble, gorgeous, quietly elegant, pure, or solemn generous the aesthetic feelings.

Toy packaging design3
4. Pharmaceutical packaging
Pay attention to the structural design, safe and reliable images often use can cause health and beautiful legend of abstract shapes and colors. Pay attention to the introductory text, the clean color and fast distinguish drug classes.

Toy packaging design4

5. Toy packaging
Like novelty toy packing should be according to the children, full of childish thought characteristic conception. Modeling and novel structure is clever, lively, fun picture requirements. Exercise more bright-colored color with pure color and contrast them.

Toy packaging design5

Market positioning of toy packaging design

1. Located in children’s toys
With the characteristics of a scientific, informative and interesting puzzle, durability and the ability to develop and practice.
2. Locate in the adult toy
Characteristic and the individuality, can be used as collections and the fine degree of the toy.

Case: Barbie Doll

Toy packaging design7 Toy packaging design8                                                                                            Toy packaging design9

Toy packaging design12

Toy packaging design
1 Character design
Some may not have a graphic image in the design of packaging decoration, but you can not do without captions. Many good packing all attach great importance to the design of the text, or even completely composed images, text changes very clearly highlight commodity brands and use.
(1) Packing literal text types
Basic words
Including brand, name of commodity, the manufacturer and address.
General arrangement on the packaging of the main display.
The manufacturer name and address can also be programmed in the sides or rear, the choice of words is commonly specifications.
For the brand, commodity do model change design.

Toy packaging design13

Data words
Including the composition, model, specification, etc.
Arrangement on the back of the side of the packaging or more, also can be arranged on the front, but must pay attention to the composition of the overall relationship

Toy packaging design14

Including product use, usage, precautions, etc.
Text content should be concise, font print application rules, normally not arranged in the packaging

Toy packaging design15

Advertising words
Advertising goods TuiXiaoXing text content characteristics, can sometimes have powerful promotion effect.
Should be honest, concise, vivid.
Typography and layout part is free and lively
Do not belong to the necessary text

Toy packaging design16

2. The design key points
1. Highlight the commodity attribute
2. Pay attention to the recognition

Toy packaging design graphics and color
1. Pay attention to the characteristics of the packing

Toy packaging design17 Toy packaging design18 Toy packaging design19

2. The toy packaging design of color
(1) Integrity
Finally the design of the packing effect by color.
Coloring to lively, concise, pure color better than mixed color contrast, tinted tinted much more eye-catching than less, can use two color will never do it with a three color
(2) Functional
Color personality characteristics with products, enterprises can unite. The identification of color generally stronger than graphics and text.
The pink barbie dolls
Orange wine the pooh
(3) Emotional:
The bright and dark, gray
Cold, warm
High, medium, low profile
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
Personalized and specificity

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