Twitter Is Powerful, But Where Are The Profits?

6 Nov

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS / AP) — It can help overthrow dictators. But can it make money?

Protesters famously used Twitter to organize during the Arab Spring three years ago. President Barack Obama announced his 2012 re-election victory using the short messaging service. Lady Gaga tweets. So does the pope.

But for all its power and reach, Twitter gushes losses – $65 million in the third quarter, nearly three times more than it lost a year ago.

As Wall Street analysts size up Twitter ahead of its first public stock sale this week, more than a few are expressing concern about the company’s lack of profits.

Those misgivings are echoed by average investors. Some 47 percent of Americans believe Twitter won’t be a good investment, according to a recent AP-CNBC poll.

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Of course, a company’s pre-IPO losses are no indication its stock will do poorly.…

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Why does logo design become more and more popular?

6 Nov

Why does logo design become more and more popular?.

Why does logo design become more and more popular?

6 Nov

Logo design reflects the common understanding of things for people, also shows the social and humanistic concepts. Modern society is a society which has been highly visualized, visual graphic language largely replaced the traditional language, allows us to do visual communication quickly. For us, the thorough logo design is not just a simple design process to express the meaning. In modern world, with its development, it has great importance of reference value.
According to our observation, the application values of the logo designs have the following several aspects.

Logo design is the best way to display the products on the screen

    Especially for a traditional enterprise, the physical existence of the product is the best propaganda, look and feel enable users to score directly for your products, but this promotion is limited by time and geographical factors etc.

Therefore, we need to promote by other means, including electronic information, the Internet and handheld devices. Then, interface design is bear the task of visual display of products and company images, and logo as a separate individual element, use it to show the products is the best.

Make the man-machine interface of the products more attractive, rich in entertainment

     Logo design is not only a description of the function, but also can reflect the designer’s and the user’s emotional resonance, logo design field is not only the computer technology and IT filed, can also add personal favorite recognition characteristics, this kind of design will be more entertaining.

Some logo designs with characteristics and entertainment tend to leave deep impression to users, at the same time on the product itself is also a very good promotion.

Why does logo design become more and more popular图片1

An important part of visual design, used as reminder and stress

     The basic functions of an icon is to give messages and emphasize the product characteristics, a bold message to let the user know the focus of the operation.

     Form the unified characteristics of the product, give users credibility, facilitate memory of the functions.

     Unified icon design style, represents the basic function characteristics of product, the unity on the vision is easy to suggest the user of product integrity and degree of integration.

Why does logo design become more and more popular2

Icon design is a kind of artistic creation, can improve the grade of the product

     Many design companies or teams have promoted to an unprecedented height of icon design, icon design not only emphasizes the schematic, but also emphasized the theme culture and brand recognition. Icon recognition as a part of the CSI become as a new branch in the modern logo design.

    Icon design flexible expression of freedom, can convey different product idea

    Anyway, we all know that words is abstract and difficult to understand, then icon as a visual expression, it has special advantages by nature.

We can either choose lines to express concise, elegant product concepts, and also use this strong texture style, let products present a sense of science and technology, the future feeling. This is the infinite possibility that icon design brings to the product.


Did You Know?

4 Nov

goodness is always a thing we should do, we should try , and we should remind.

the REmissionary

This is Orphan Sunday. I just found that out today at church! I’m probably the only person on the planet that didn’t know this. I got to wondering, how can I help? We’re not exactly in the age group to be adopting, and we only have one bedroom so we can’t do foster care. But we can pray! And we can give. There is ALWAYS a way to help.

I just thought I’d share this today. This is a copy of the flier a couple in our church was handing out, as they prepare to adopt another orphan. Many families in our church have adopted children, from here in the USA and from around the world. We have a lot of kids in the church! Such a blessed sight and sound. The couple gave me permission to share their flier, in the effort to get the word out about various…

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Do you know something about sales package?

4 Nov

packaging design is always my favor.
sometimes i wonder how, sometimes i wonder why

Corrugated and folding carton box templates

    Sales packing is also called the inner packing or small, can also be called retail packaging, is a sales as the main purpose, direct holding commodities, and arrived in consumer goods and packaging.

The function of the sales package:
   Protect the goods quality. Meet the needs of the consumers;
   Promote the commodity sales; Spread the enterprise image.
   Sales of packaging design

Do you know something about sales package1

The originality of the sales package
 1, the style of the ancients:
   Archaize image ;archaize color; antique structure; archaize function ;archaize style; antique materials; texture of the ancients

Do you know something about sales package2Do you know something about sales package3

2, The bionic:
Image bionic; color bionic; materials bionic; structure bionic; function bionic

Do you know something about sales package4Do you know something about sales package5Do you know something about sales package6

3, Simplified:

   Refers to the packaging design pursuit is concise, do not damage the packaging function of commonly used methods.

   Simplify words, form, the structure, material, graphic 

4, Optimization:
   Shape optimization and shape optimization, color, material optimization, texture optimization…

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The most useful packaging structure and the modeling design

17 Oct

really good

Corrugated and folding carton box templates

Package is installed and structure design
Packaging design from protective packaging structure design, convenience, reusability and actual production conditions, such basic functions, according to the scientific principles of packaging of external and internal structure of concrete consideration of the design.
The function of the packaging structure design
Protection, holding, convenient functions
The principles of packaging structure design
From the consideration on the mechanics of the product and reliable protection;
To adapt to the packaging, the whole process of loading and unloading, transportation, storage, sales;
Considering economic principles.


The structure of the packaging container
Skeletal structure
Made from rigid good materials containers or enhance strength, more for wood packaging containers.

Plate structure
All use thick material such as packaging container as a whole, the materials mainly used for the sheet of paper, plate paper, corrugated cardboard, templates, sheet metal, hard plastic board, etc.

Thin shell structure
Consists of surface structure packaging…

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A few knowledge of successful packaging promotion

9 Oct

    Packing promotion refers to the marketing activities that enterprises use packaging introduce products to target customers, and to persuade customers to buy the product .


    Consumer psychology and packaging position
    Consumer psychological analysis
    Consumer purchasing motivation:
    Emotional motivation (such as competition and competitive, equality, comfort, and entertainment, health, memorial, etc.);
    Rational motivation (convenient and practical, safe and reliable, value-added, after-sales service, etc.);
    Love motivation (reasonable price, variety, good service, convenient and affordable).




   Consumers purchase process: unknown attention, interest, comparative evaluation, observation and practical purchase.
   Consumers purchase forms: name, take the initiative to purchase, repeat purchases, impulse buying, new product purchase, impression purchase, popular purchase, advertising, packaging differentiation purchase.


    Packaging market positioning
    From the perspective of the analysis of market opportunities, and then to market segmentation, choose target market, finally complete the positioning.



    Market segmentation:
    Analysis of market opportunities (micro and macro environment analysis)
    Market segmentation (geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychological segmentation, behavior subdivision, loyalty segmentation and degree on the relationship between the product segmentation, etc.)


    Choose target market:
    Evaluate the target market (scale and development trend, the attraction of the target market, enterprise goal and ability)
    Select the target market




   Marketing position
   Modern packaging promotion strategy
   Packaging elements decisions

   Function: protection analysis and social recognition analysis
   Structure: the structure analysis and local structure analysis
   Shape: form, color, brand analysis
   Material: material cost analysis, application analysis
   Aesthetic: psychological aesthetic, psychology, social psychology and mental nature
   Ethics: natural ethics (man-machine engineering) and social ethics (all the requirements of social utility to learn social psychological need satisfaction or not)

Packaging promotion strategy
     Names of commodity and packaging promotion: the trademark and brand attributes, the main brand marketing focus, brand (a trademark) as the main marketing focus

    Commodity packaging differentiation promotion: differentiation of age, sex differentiation, price, color differentiation, differentiation of style, function, packing morphological differentiation, differentiation of size and series.

    Trademark packaging promotion: the differentiation of trademark and trademark
Identify packaging promotion of the project: development and setting up enterprise new image

     Packaging design of diversified packaging sales: packaging appearance differentiation, brand name differentiation, symbolic pattern differentiation, design style differentiation differentiation differentiation, packaging material, style and personality.


   Packaging official documents promotion strategy: the ads or new style, new products
  Add gift packaging: use gift coupon against competitors’ pricing strategy and promotion
  Advertising synchronization packaging: the packaging of the sales promotion activity
  Impression drawing design of packaging promotion: such as masculinity and female soft impression; Classical or modern  impression; The impression of imports, or goods; Senior, intermediate level or general impression and so on
  Show packing: POP packaging




Packaging design — human caring

7 Oct

         In the 80 s ~ 90 s of the 20th century, design showed a trend of diversification and all kinds of design styles have appeared. People regard “functionalism” as the center, emphasizing standardization, standardized production of the internationalist style began to tire. Claim on the basis of the guaranteed function in the form of more aesthetic feeling to meet the needs of people to a higher level. Humanized design become conspicuous bright spot, and gradually formed a trend. Simply, humanized design is single meet from the past to the function for spiritual care to people. In the design, giving more emotional, cultural, aesthetic connotation. To establish a kind of harmony wonderful realm between people and things, people and the environment .

                                        human 1

                                       human 2

1, Humanized design is the inevitable result of social development
2, Designers focus on the human environment
3, Humanized design, more pursuit of aesthetics of commodity and interesting
4, Humanized design meet the higher demand of people

                                         human 3

                                  human 4

1, Humanized design is the inevitable result of social development

      Behavioral scientists Maslow in the United States put people’s needs from low to high, divided into five layers. The physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect for the needs and self-actualization needs. Maslow believes the need of five levels are rising step by step. When the social and economic development in a lower level, people demand for commodities is simple and practical; When social economy level reaches a certain degree, the consumer will put forward higher requirements to goods. In addition to containing practical more psychological, spiritual and cultural aspects of requirements. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, reveals the essence of humanized design.

                                       human 7

                                 human 6

2, Designers focus on the human environment

      When people revel in the industrial revolution for the packaging industry brought about by the various technological achievements, environmental pollution has quietly walked into the us. People began to realize all kinds of packaging waste pollution on atmosphere, water, soil, etc. In this situation, protect the ecological environment, advocating the concept of green packaging design began to spread. The designer is committed to the harmony of human beings and natural environment, pay attention to humanized design and environmental protection consciousness.

                                              human 12

                                           human 10

                                            human 11

       Packaging products from raw material selection, production and manufacturing, to the use of the products, recycling, every link should be closely linked source, efficient and harmless. Development, the development and selection of green packaging materials to take the first step is green packaging. The natural material such as paper, wood, bamboo, hemp, quietly elegant of color and luster downy, with beauty of natural materials. Use them to do the packing material can give vitality to the packing work, pull close the distance between human and nature, natural comfortable feeling. Such as traditional Japanese rice wine packaging design, designers show originality, give full consideration to more people advocate natural, nature of the psychological feelings, using natural linen fabric bag outside pottery, and then tied the rope. Such not only can obtain a good visual effect, but also can reflect the cultural intension of the green packaging design. Works, fresh and simple style, more can deliver the product characteristics of the aged one hundred, has a long history and humanized design concept.

                                                    human 19

                                             human 17

                                             human 18

3, Humanized design pursuit more aesthetics and interesting of commodity

      With the improvement of living standard, people’s consumption ideas gradually changed, consumers to purchase goods not only to acquire material comforts, but get more of a spiritual satisfaction. So packaging design must be constantly pursuing new and changes. With novel and peculiar modeling design can attract the attention of consumers, meet modern consumer psychology pursuing the relaxed, cheerful. In fruit packaging, for example, for consumers to buy the new characteristics of eating fresh, much less time. Some dealers the fruits of different shape, different color combination packing. Round green apple, the meniscus kumquat yellow bananas, purple grapes, orange, etc., and put them in a small box of transparent material. In the supermarket shelves with pleasing colors and shapes of fruits, can attract people’s attention. Consumers are willing to accept this kind of taste, many varieties of small packaging.

                                                                human 20

4, Humanized design meet the higher demand of people

      Today, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, consumers are demanding products not only has the function of multiple use, but easy to carry, to adapt to a variety of consumer groups, etc., to reflect more humanistic concern in the design. Truly harmony of people and things. Designers through the development of packaging function, and mining in constant progress of products into humanized design element, make the person feel kind and warm. The whole design process emphasizes the emotional exchanges and communication with consumers. Every care to consumers is no longer an empty slogan, but is deeply rooted in the heart of a designer.

     Many times we will purchase because a product packaging is very interesting , such as the puma “Clever Little Bag” portable box, this is puma and San Francisco’s famous industrial designer Yves Behar cooperation work, project for two years, and finally in 2010, after the complete evaluation test and verification environment of supply chain efficiency, is expected to market in the second half of this year.

     Its internal using 100% recycled paper made from cardboard box, so compared with the traditional shoe box, paper can save more than 65% a year and 60% of the water, energy and fuel consumption, and it is worth noting that the bag has become a part of the package (a box cover), save paper already so, also does not need to be to the customer and provide after sales bag, and handbag can use repeatedly, and also has a shopping bag, is a good idea of environmental protection.

                                     human 22 human 21

How to reflect a “creative” in handbag design

6 Oct


    “Originality” and “innovation” are mentioned often in today’s world, almost cannot leave the design and manufacture of all products; They are changing and leading the people’s aesthetic view; The handbag designer if break the routine, create one of the most novel, individual character, surprisingly, shock, actual effect of packing bag? This is the designers’ strength test.






  Bag printing design, should be aimed at the product subject of the handbags, fully understand the product of the practical idea and other characteristics; The bag traditional style is presented; The use of material is paper or natural objects; Should be considered in the early stage; the front face with handbag generally is given priority to with company LOGO and company name, or the company slogan; Focus on brand, expand sales; Design should be the pursuit of novelty, avant-garde idea; As reflected the traditional style of design can choose the traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture, paper cutting art, etc.; Creative fashion style needs to break the routine, and can be combined with the daily life of common goods or other ways to make the vision illusion, to attract attention won one hundred percent of the heads; Handbag ultimate purpose is to attract customers’eyes; the more old customers, the more successful designs.


    Play your imaginations, handbag designers.










Concepts and background of creative food packaging

29 Sep

      For manufacturers and market today, one of the important role of food packaging is promoting sales. Sales is not simple, it is very hard to sell to customers, the factory have what, what customers have to buy. In food manufacturer’s eyes, traditional”sales” only refers to the products listed, sale, promotion, etc. But as the economy exhibition, the commodities on the market is becoming more and more rich, the market is more and more prosperity, customer choice is also becoming more and more widely.


     The food sales market has to shift from “seller’s market” to “buyer’s market”, the traditional concept of “sales” has been replaced by “marketing concept”. Food sales have transformed from product centered to the needs of the consumers as the center, from product development, pricing, promotion the product from producers to consumers, and then will give consumer feedback to manufacturing enterprises.





      And in the food packaging design, must also set consumers as the center, take the market marketing concept of packaging products for market research and product positioning, brand planning and packaging design, packaging structure and form of innovation, the promotion strategy, and the scheme of packaging and printing, etc. Therefore, in today’s commodity market is given priority to with a buyer’s market, consumers’ subjective intention has become one of manufacturer main consideration factors.


      As for subjective factors, and said to the consumer, I think in today’s social development progress, consumers had not only to “full” concept to guide their own will, instead, is “good”, which refers to the “good” contains many aspects, “full” is just one of the necessary conditions, in the commodity market intense competition, the condition has been obviously contained by most of the goods.


     Other aspects are increasingly becoming the dominant factor in affecting consumers’ subjective intention, and the other aspect is also each enterprise competition is the main battlefield, with manufacturer here it includes various said other aspects of marketing strategy and method, packaging materials the structure of text color graphics, packaging and innovation, and so on. And I think, in the view, the structure of the packaging material text color graphics and packaging forms and innovation has increasingly become an important factor to affect sales of food. And they also is just what I want to discuss the main topic, here I also habitually call it creative packaging.


     So what is a creative packaging? There is a wonderful saying : “Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress, is the driving force for national interest and developing . “Have good ideas will become active to innovation, the innovation is a good idea. And shows its novelty and uniqueness. Idea of “a” in the interpretation of the “initiative”. Meaning “new, creative” .


      In today’s social development, more and more attention to human nature, the packaging can not separate from personal account, it must stand in the perspective of human nature to think about design, humanization is a concept, the concept of expression is not only to attract the attention of consumers, at the same time in the beautiful edify sentiment of consumers can according to consumer habits, operation habit, convenient for consumers, both need to be able to meet consumer demands for packaging function, and can meet the demand of consumer’s mind. Thus it can be seen that if the packing once has the characteristics of the human nature, it has ideas, it is a creative packaging.