Creative Thinking in Graphic Design

18 Nov

Plane thinking method
The most important thing is – association
Marked (stimulus)
Use straightforward rhetoric (metaphor, personification)
Learn how to use exaggeration and deformation

Different associations of the same object

Creative Thinking in Graphic Design1 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design2 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design3 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design4 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design5 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design6 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design7 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design8 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design10 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design11 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design12 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design13 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design14 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design15 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design16 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design17 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design18 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design20 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design21 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design22 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design23 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design24 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design26 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design27 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design28 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design29 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design30 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design31 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design32 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design33 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design34 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design35 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design36 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design37 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design38 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design39 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design40 Creative Thinking in Graphic Design41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 5354 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68

The technique of association
The related properties
The related items or users
More important is to have nothing to do with the imagination
1, Water (liquid, color, exaggeration and deformation; the characteristics of the drinker; pollution; dynamic…).
2, Zippers (metal, structure, and expression— mouth, eyes…)
3, Elephants (proportion, vacuum cleaner…).

The use of cartoon characters
The main body to be cartoon
Expression of the cartoon
Reverse thinking
Does not comply with the basic logic
In contrast to the reality
The personification of the animal
The dynamic and static transformation

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Creative free is only imagination
In graphic design in order to understand the transformation between graphics and symbols, Exaggerated; Form and word conversion

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Wonderful and Creative Advertising

16 Nov

Foreign creative advertising1
Foreign creative advertising2

Foreign creative advertising4

Foreign creative advertising5

Foreign creative advertising6

Foreign creative advertising7

Foreign creative advertising8

Foreign creative advertising9

Foreign creative advertising10

Foreign creative advertising11

Foreign creative advertising12

So, Here Goes: I Am Ugly

16 Nov

Fatshion Hustlings

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long while now, because I think it is something important that is worth saying, both on my part and on the part of anybody else who feels this way about themselves, and to anybody who finds that this way of thinking is a sad thing that denotes low self-esteem, when it actually has more to do with self-identification and wanting to self-identify in whatever way we want.

So, here goes:

I am ugly.

Naturally, this is not the first time I have said this. As somebody who has had the severe misfortune of being a teenager before, I used to declare myself ugly all the time, just like pretty much everybody else around me. Back then I said it primarily to gain sympathy and maybe a denying comment or two. “You’re not ugly Gillian, what are you saying?” “C’mon, I’d kill…

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Five Web Design Skills — Let Users Get Crazy With You

15 Nov

Corrugated and folding carton box templates

     We all want a successful design revision can make websites with renewed vigor, not only to attract users, and users are willing to spend more time to browse. To do this, don’t need any mysterious skills. Here will tell you to get your website more popular skill, take that ~

     As we all know, appealing illustrations, creative layout and persuasive content can attract users. But sometimes it is not such matter. You may had a similar experience, proud to make the most fashionable page without ideal views. That kind of feeling, you know.

     First of all, we first clarify, right page layout should be like this: to induce the audience to explore your site, let them stay on the information you provide, the last to them to take action. Now, get into the business, hope you can get some useful information from this article.

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Typhoon Haiyan: ER Relief is Not Enough

12 Nov

killed 7 people in china now

To Climb or not to Climb…

11 Nov

Happy Orange World

I decided to sign up for a beginner’s climbing class while in Arizona. I think the school and I have a very different definition of the word beginner.  I have been climbing since I was a kid…apparently this type of climbing is called bouldering. I also have experience indoor climbing and rappelling, but this was a new experience – top-rope protected climbs on high angled rock faces.

Their website states “Rock climbing’s special combination of mental and physical challenges make it a unique experience. The intrinsic rewards that come from combining concentration, agility, balance, strength and judgment are unequalled in any other sport.” – I agree.  It was scary – and lots of thinking – Where the hell am I going to grab next?? – and Damn why am I so short?? Tall people have many more options! Um…this is hard. –  went through my mind…

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The Internet Makes Me Feel Bad

8 Nov

Open Mic


I realize it’s a little ironic to mock Bitstrips using a webcomic, but I did it, so shut up about it.


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No. 6 Stanford Shocks No. 2 Oregon In Pac-12 Showdown

8 Nov

CBS San Francisco

STANFORD (CBS / AP) — Stanford squashed Oregon’s national championship hopes again, schooling the Ducks in power football. Florida State might want to send the Cardinal a thank you card.

Tyler Gaffney ran for 157 yards and No. 6 Stanford hammered No. 2 Oregon for three quarters before holding off a furious rally by the fast-paced Ducks for a 26-20 victory Thursday night.

The Cardinal made it two in a row against the Ducks, who haven’t lost to any other team in the last two seasons.

“If you control the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball you can beat these guys,” Stanford coach David Shaw said. “We’re a big, physical football team that plays well together.”

[worldnow id=9505471 width=435 height=270 type=video]

Kevin Hogan ran for a touchdown and played a mistake-free game at quarterback for Stanford (8-1, 6-1 Pac-12) as the Cardinal put on a clinic in how…

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One small world

7 Nov



I got a call from this location earlier today. Well, not this location exactly. This is Aloita Resort – Mentawai Islands, Indonesia and my friend is living in a hut in the jungle nearby.


Her call was no surprise, nor was her whereabouts. For the 2.5 decades I’ve known her, her next call could never be predicted for its timing or its origin. If the phrase free spirit was in the dictionary, her name would be next to it.

Over a forty minute conversation, while she, “partied with Carly in a hut on the beach,” we caught up after three weeks out of touch and we laughed until I had tears streaming down my cheeks. While she and I have conversed from all points all over the world, this is a friendship that triumphs over any length of silence or distance. As she always says, we are soul sisters.


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