One small world

7 Nov



I got a call from this location earlier today. Well, not this location exactly. This is Aloita Resort – Mentawai Islands, Indonesia and my friend is living in a hut in the jungle nearby.


Her call was no surprise, nor was her whereabouts. For the 2.5 decades I’ve known her, her next call could never be predicted for its timing or its origin. If the phrase free spirit was in the dictionary, her name would be next to it.

Over a forty minute conversation, while she, “partied with Carly in a hut on the beach,” we caught up after three weeks out of touch and we laughed until I had tears streaming down my cheeks. While she and I have conversed from all points all over the world, this is a friendship that triumphs over any length of silence or distance. As she always says, we are soul sisters.


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