Did You Know?

4 Nov

goodness is always a thing we should do, we should try , and we should remind.

the REmissionary

This is Orphan Sunday. I just found that out today at church! I’m probably the only person on the planet that didn’t know this. I got to wondering, how can I help? We’re not exactly in the age group to be adopting, and we only have one bedroom so we can’t do foster care. But we can pray! And we can give. There is ALWAYS a way to help.

I just thought I’d share this today. This is a copy of the flier a couple in our church was handing out, as they prepare to adopt another orphan. Many families in our church have adopted children, from here in the USA and from around the world. We have a lot of kids in the church! Such a blessed sight and sound. The couple gave me permission to share their flier, in the effort to get the word out about various…

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