Packaging design — human caring

7 Oct

         In the 80 s ~ 90 s of the 20th century, design showed a trend of diversification and all kinds of design styles have appeared. People regard “functionalism” as the center, emphasizing standardization, standardized production of the internationalist style began to tire. Claim on the basis of the guaranteed function in the form of more aesthetic feeling to meet the needs of people to a higher level. Humanized design become conspicuous bright spot, and gradually formed a trend. Simply, humanized design is single meet from the past to the function for spiritual care to people. In the design, giving more emotional, cultural, aesthetic connotation. To establish a kind of harmony wonderful realm between people and things, people and the environment .

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1, Humanized design is the inevitable result of social development
2, Designers focus on the human environment
3, Humanized design, more pursuit of aesthetics of commodity and interesting
4, Humanized design meet the higher demand of people

                                         human 3

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1, Humanized design is the inevitable result of social development

      Behavioral scientists Maslow in the United States put people’s needs from low to high, divided into five layers. The physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect for the needs and self-actualization needs. Maslow believes the need of five levels are rising step by step. When the social and economic development in a lower level, people demand for commodities is simple and practical; When social economy level reaches a certain degree, the consumer will put forward higher requirements to goods. In addition to containing practical more psychological, spiritual and cultural aspects of requirements. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, reveals the essence of humanized design.

                                       human 7

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2, Designers focus on the human environment

      When people revel in the industrial revolution for the packaging industry brought about by the various technological achievements, environmental pollution has quietly walked into the us. People began to realize all kinds of packaging waste pollution on atmosphere, water, soil, etc. In this situation, protect the ecological environment, advocating the concept of green packaging design began to spread. The designer is committed to the harmony of human beings and natural environment, pay attention to humanized design and environmental protection consciousness.

                                              human 12

                                           human 10

                                            human 11

       Packaging products from raw material selection, production and manufacturing, to the use of the products, recycling, every link should be closely linked source, efficient and harmless. Development, the development and selection of green packaging materials to take the first step is green packaging. The natural material such as paper, wood, bamboo, hemp, quietly elegant of color and luster downy, with beauty of natural materials. Use them to do the packing material can give vitality to the packing work, pull close the distance between human and nature, natural comfortable feeling. Such as traditional Japanese rice wine packaging design, designers show originality, give full consideration to more people advocate natural, nature of the psychological feelings, using natural linen fabric bag outside pottery, and then tied the rope. Such not only can obtain a good visual effect, but also can reflect the cultural intension of the green packaging design. Works, fresh and simple style, more can deliver the product characteristics of the aged one hundred, has a long history and humanized design concept.

                                                    human 19

                                             human 17

                                             human 18

3, Humanized design pursuit more aesthetics and interesting of commodity

      With the improvement of living standard, people’s consumption ideas gradually changed, consumers to purchase goods not only to acquire material comforts, but get more of a spiritual satisfaction. So packaging design must be constantly pursuing new and changes. With novel and peculiar modeling design can attract the attention of consumers, meet modern consumer psychology pursuing the relaxed, cheerful. In fruit packaging, for example, for consumers to buy the new characteristics of eating fresh, much less time. Some dealers the fruits of different shape, different color combination packing. Round green apple, the meniscus kumquat yellow bananas, purple grapes, orange, etc., and put them in a small box of transparent material. In the supermarket shelves with pleasing colors and shapes of fruits, can attract people’s attention. Consumers are willing to accept this kind of taste, many varieties of small packaging.

                                                                human 20

4, Humanized design meet the higher demand of people

      Today, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, consumers are demanding products not only has the function of multiple use, but easy to carry, to adapt to a variety of consumer groups, etc., to reflect more humanistic concern in the design. Truly harmony of people and things. Designers through the development of packaging function, and mining in constant progress of products into humanized design element, make the person feel kind and warm. The whole design process emphasizes the emotional exchanges and communication with consumers. Every care to consumers is no longer an empty slogan, but is deeply rooted in the heart of a designer.

     Many times we will purchase because a product packaging is very interesting , such as the puma “Clever Little Bag” portable box, this is puma and San Francisco’s famous industrial designer Yves Behar cooperation work, project for two years, and finally in 2010, after the complete evaluation test and verification environment of supply chain efficiency, is expected to market in the second half of this year.

     Its internal using 100% recycled paper made from cardboard box, so compared with the traditional shoe box, paper can save more than 65% a year and 60% of the water, energy and fuel consumption, and it is worth noting that the bag has become a part of the package (a box cover), save paper already so, also does not need to be to the customer and provide after sales bag, and handbag can use repeatedly, and also has a shopping bag, is a good idea of environmental protection.

                                     human 22 human 21


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