Concepts and background of creative food packaging

29 Sep

      For manufacturers and market today, one of the important role of food packaging is promoting sales. Sales is not simple, it is very hard to sell to customers, the factory have what, what customers have to buy. In food manufacturer’s eyes, traditional”sales” only refers to the products listed, sale, promotion, etc. But as the economy exhibition, the commodities on the market is becoming more and more rich, the market is more and more prosperity, customer choice is also becoming more and more widely.


     The food sales market has to shift from “seller’s market” to “buyer’s market”, the traditional concept of “sales” has been replaced by “marketing concept”. Food sales have transformed from product centered to the needs of the consumers as the center, from product development, pricing, promotion the product from producers to consumers, and then will give consumer feedback to manufacturing enterprises.





      And in the food packaging design, must also set consumers as the center, take the market marketing concept of packaging products for market research and product positioning, brand planning and packaging design, packaging structure and form of innovation, the promotion strategy, and the scheme of packaging and printing, etc. Therefore, in today’s commodity market is given priority to with a buyer’s market, consumers’ subjective intention has become one of manufacturer main consideration factors.


      As for subjective factors, and said to the consumer, I think in today’s social development progress, consumers had not only to “full” concept to guide their own will, instead, is “good”, which refers to the “good” contains many aspects, “full” is just one of the necessary conditions, in the commodity market intense competition, the condition has been obviously contained by most of the goods.


     Other aspects are increasingly becoming the dominant factor in affecting consumers’ subjective intention, and the other aspect is also each enterprise competition is the main battlefield, with manufacturer here it includes various said other aspects of marketing strategy and method, packaging materials the structure of text color graphics, packaging and innovation, and so on. And I think, in the view, the structure of the packaging material text color graphics and packaging forms and innovation has increasingly become an important factor to affect sales of food. And they also is just what I want to discuss the main topic, here I also habitually call it creative packaging.


     So what is a creative packaging? There is a wonderful saying : “Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress, is the driving force for national interest and developing . “Have good ideas will become active to innovation, the innovation is a good idea. And shows its novelty and uniqueness. Idea of “a” in the interpretation of the “initiative”. Meaning “new, creative” .


      In today’s social development, more and more attention to human nature, the packaging can not separate from personal account, it must stand in the perspective of human nature to think about design, humanization is a concept, the concept of expression is not only to attract the attention of consumers, at the same time in the beautiful edify sentiment of consumers can according to consumer habits, operation habit, convenient for consumers, both need to be able to meet consumer demands for packaging function, and can meet the demand of consumer’s mind. Thus it can be seen that if the packing once has the characteristics of the human nature, it has ideas, it is a creative packaging.



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