The charm of packaging design

27 Sep

Packaging design is a set of practical technology, marketing science, aesthetics of design art. It not only make the product has to be both safe and beautiful coat, in today has become a powerful marketing tool.

The concept of packaging design

Literally speaking, the word “packaging” is paratactic structure, “package” namely package, namely “outfit” adornment, mean, decorative items package. From a design perspective, “package” is to use a certain material wrapped things, its fundamental purpose is to make the things not easy to damage, easy to transport, this is the category of practical science, it is to belong to the concept of material; “Pack” means things of ornament. This refers to the good things in a different technique for the parcel beautification adornment, make the package look more beautiful in appearance, this is aesthetic category, it belongs to the concept of culture. Simple speaking “packaging” is to blend the two concepts reasonably and effectively.

The connotation of packaging design

After meeting the basic requirements of product packaging design, we should consider more connotation in the design of parts. If the packing design is the concept of wearable art package, decorate the human body, form of packaging design is the person’s clothing attire, so, the connotation of packaging design is the people’s spiritual and cultural ideas. One’s attire can reflect his thoughts and culture level, packaging design can reflect the different connotations of product, brand and enterprise.

The performance of the packaging design

Packaging design of performance usually consists of 3D package design of decorative design and plane.

The fundamental model of stereo modeling to form the packaging. Recently, with the development of new materials and use for the design of the packing modeling also provides more empty, between the traditional materials, such as paper, wood, cloth… No longer is the only option. New recycled materials and environmental protection materials such as the development of the packaging design has more forms.


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