Three major and must elements for packaging design

21 Sep

Today, the world is economic globalization, the packing has been integrated with the product. Packaging as a way to realize the commodity value and usage value, in the field of production, circulation, sales and consumption, plays an extremely important role, the design is an important topic of the corporate world.

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The function of packaging is to protect the goods, convey commodity information, easy to use, easy to transport, to promote sales. Packaging as a comprehensive subject, with goods and artistic combination of duality. Successful packaging design must meet the following five points: shelf impression, readability, appearance design, trademark image, the function and characteristics.

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Namely refers to choose appropriate packaging materials, packaging design by means of clever technology, for packaging goods container structure model and beautification of the packing decoration design. We can see the three constituent elements of packaging design.

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1, Shape factor

Shape factor is shown below in commodity packaging appearance, including the display size, size and shape. In daily life we can see there are three forms, namely natural form, artificial form and occasional form. But when we study the shape of the product structure, must find a kind of form is applicable to any properties, namely the common regular thing, called the abstract form.

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2, The composition elements

Composition is to show the trademark, graphics and text with the arrangement of a complete picture. The four sorts of combination constitutes the overall effect of packaging decoration. Commodity composition elements of trademark design, the use of graphics, text and color right, proper, beautiful, can be called a good design work.

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(1)The logo design

Trademark is a symbol, is the enterprise, institution, product image and the symbol of the facilities. Trademark is closed with arts and crafts, it involves politics, economy, law and art and other fields. The characteristics of the trademark is decided by its function and form. It wants to convey rich content in the form of simple and clean, in a relatively small space, also need to observer in a relatively short period of time to understand the inner meaning. Trademark can generally be divided into text, graphics, combined of text and graphics these three forms. The trademark of a successful design, it should be a product of the organic combination of creative expression. Creativity is according to the design requirements, an idea for synthesis, analysis, induction, summary, through the philosophical thinking, abstraction to image, the design concept by the abstract review expression gradually into a concrete image design.

(2) The graphic design

Packaging decoration graphics refer to the image of the product image and other auxiliary decoration, etc.

Graphics as a design language, is to put the image of the internal and external factors, in the form of a visual image to convey the information to the consumer. To achieve this purpose, graphic design of accurate positioning is critical. Positioning process is familiar with the product process of all content, including commodity, the meaning of the trademark, commodity and the present situation of the similar products, and many other factors have to know and research.

Graphics in forms can be divided into physical graphics and decorative pattern.

Physical graphics: the pictorial painting, photography, etc. Painting is the major form of packing decoration design, according to the needs of packaging integral design drawing picture, for goods and services. Compared to a photography photo, it has free choice, refining and summarizing the characteristics. Painting with great interests it is a means of propaganda, beautification, selling goods. Commercial determines the commodity packaging design should highlight the real image of the goods, to give the consumer’s direct image, so use photography show real, intuitive visual image is the best expression of the packing decoration design.
Decorative graphics: divided into two kinds of technique expression, figurative and abstract. Representational patterns of characters, scenery, animals or plants as packing graphics can be used to express content and properties. Abstract technique used for more freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, the abstract geometric point, line and plane composition pattern, color piece or skin texture effect, the succinct, striking, has the sense of form, also is the main technique of expression of packaging decoration. Usually, the representational form and abstract expression in the packing decoration design is not isolated, but combined with each other.

The dialectical unification of content and form is the general rule in graphic design, in the design process, according to the need of the graphic content, select the corresponding graphical representation techniques, to achieve the unity of the form and content in graphic design, create to reflect the spirit of the age, ethnic style of the applicable, economy, beautiful decoration design work are the basic requirements of packaging designers.

(3) The color design

Color requirements marked in the design of packaging decoration must be comparative and intense, has the strong attraction and competitiveness, to attract consumers’ desire to buy, promote sales. For example, food and rich color, give priority to warm color, outstanding food, nutrition and taste fresh; Medicine and pure; tonal changes in temperature. The middle of the commonly used class cosmetics soft tone; Hardware, mechanical tools shades of blue, and black and other commonly used AD cool-headed, to represent a solid, the characteristics of precision and durable; Children’s toys class commonly used bright pure color and various color piece contrast of changes in temperature, to comply with the children’s psychological and interests; Sporting goods class use bright and loud colors, more to increase the active, the feeling of movement… Different goods have different characteristics and properties. Designers to study consumer habits and hobbies, and the change trend of international and domestic fashion color, color with increasing consciousness of sociology and consumer psychology.

(4) The character design

The text is to convey thoughts, communicate feelings and information, express a certain topic content symbols. Commodity packaging on the brand, name, caption, advertising text and manufacturers, the company or distribution unit, reflects the essential content of the packing. Packaging design must take these words as part of the packaging design to plan as a whole to consider.

Character design of packaging decoration design has the following key points:

Text is concise, real, vivid, easy to read, easy to remember; Font design should reflect the commodity characteristics, nature, uniqueness, and has good recognition and aesthetic function; The text arrangement should be harmonious with the integral design of the packing style.

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3, Material elements

Material element is packaging materials texture. It often affects the visual effect of commodity packaging. Using different material surface changes or surface shape can achieve the best effect of commodity packaging. Packing material, whether it is paper material, plastic materials, glass, metal materials, ceramic materials, bamboo and wood materials, and other composite materials,has a different quality of a material skin texture effect.

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Use different material, and to combine properly configured, can give customers with novel and cold or luxurious feeling. Material elements is an important part of the package design, it is directly related to the function of the packaging and the way of economic cost, production processing and packaging waste recycling and other aspects of problems.

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