Creative techniques of graphic design — high-quality interpretation by combining image and text

20 Sep

 1 Visual impact method 

Visual impact method which is one of the most common techniques of expression. It will present product or topic directly and accurately on the ad pages, make full use of realistic performance skills such as photography or painting. Describe and strive to render the texture, shape and function use of product, product fine texture absorbingly, give a person with vivid sense of reality, make consumers produce a tenderness and trust on promoted products.

This technique can make the product to the consumer directly, so be very careful on product portfolio and display angle, to highlight the product brand and the product itself is the most easy to move people, foil with light and background, make the product in a space of contagious, so to enhance the visual impact of the advertising picture.



2 Contrast foil method

Contrast foil method is a kind method that tend to be the art of contradiction conflict of the most prominent expression. It depicted in the works of the things the nature and characteristics in contrast and direct contrast, and then from the comparison of differences, to concentrate, concise, and twist. Through this kind of technique is more clearly stressed or prompt product performance and characteristics of visual perception to give the consumer a profound feeling.

As a common effective technique of expression, so to speak, all arts have benefited from contrast technique of expression. The use of contrast gimmick, not only make advertising theme strengthen the performance and full of interest, but also expand the appeal of advertising works. Contrast methods applied successfully, which can make seemingly ordinary image processing imply rich means, shows the different levels of advertising themes and depth.



3 Full of humor

Humor method refers to the advertising works ingeniously reproduce comedy characteristics, seize the local things in life phenomenon, by people’s gender, some funny appearance and behavior .

Humorous expression, often using the interesting plot, clever arrangement, certain things reach out to the point of comics, create a full of interest, funny and interesting humorous artistic conception. Humor can achieve unexpected conflict, and in the sense of the artistic effect, seduce viewer knowing smile, in the form of having a unique style to have the artistic appeal.



4 Reasonable hyperbole

Through imagination, to promote the quality of the object or advertising works feature exaggeratedly, to deepen the understanding or expand these features. Writer Gorky once said: “Hyperbole is a basic principle of creation.” Through this technique can be more clearly stress or reveal the essence of things, strengthen the artistic effect.

Exaggeration is generally seek novelty changes, by fiction to exaggerate the characteristics of the object , give people a kind of novel and changes of interest.

According to its performance characteristics, exaggeration can be divided into form exaggeration and expression exaggeration: the former for the representation of substandard goods, the latter for the implicit sexual modal substandard goods. For advertising through the use of exaggeration, the artistic beauty of ads injected with rich emotional color, make the product characteristic more bright, outstanding, and moving.



5 Highlight the characteristics method

To highlight the characteristics is also our common usage of expression, is one of the important methods of outstanding advertising themes, the performance of the value cannot be neglected. In advertising performance, these should focus on to highlight the features of and rendering, generally by the personalized product image distinctive special ability, the manufacturer’s corporate and product trademark signs such factor to decide.

Use various ways to grab and emphasis product or subject itself on distinctive features, and make it clearly, put these characteristics in the main visual parts of the advertising picture or try to foil processing, contact with the audience very quickly, to its attention and visual interest, to stimulate the purchase desire of promotional purpose.




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